I’m unsure about taking them home myself. Would you deliver them for me?

Bringing your bees home for the first time, can be a nerve racking, as well as an exciting, experience. If you feel that you’d like help in doing so, and getting them transferred into their new home, and you don’t have a “tame” beekeeper available to help you, we offer a delivery service. We don’t send bees by post (except queens) because we can’t guarantee how they’ll be treated during transportation and no insurance is available that guarantees that they’ll arrive alive. So, we can bring them ourselves within reasonable distances in the South East of England. Current prices for this service will be on the order pages. Don’t forget that, on top of this fee, we’ll be changing twice the distance you live from our base in West Sussex (i.e. there and back), but only charge the HMRC rate for mileage.

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