About Honey Bees Online

Neil with no veilAbout the people behind the company

My name is Neil and, I have been keeping bees in the beautiful Sussex and Surrey Downs since 2008, following a lifelong passion with these amazing creatures. If fact, beekeeping can be traced back to my Great Grandfather in Scotland. So, you could say that beekeeping is in my blood!

As head beekeeper, I have worked for a commercial bee farm in the South East and was responsible for producing hundreds of honey bee nuclei and full size colonies to private beekeepers and commercial bee farms alike. I also passed the FERA accreditation exam for disease recognition and control.

As a company, Honey Bees Online are proud of their bees and, you can be sure that you'll get the benefit of these years of experience and, receive top quality bees. We look forward to being of service to you.

Neil's other interests

I also design websites - including this one. Early in 2018, I left my full-time position with a local commercial bee farm, to concentrate on my own businesses, that of beekeeping (this company) and also my other passion of web design and development - which I've been doing to some degree for almost 20 years. Although, not an obvious match, beekeeping and web design work perfectly for me. When it's warm and sunny, I can spend time with the bees. But, when it's dark, or wet, you'll find me behind my computer screen.

If you'd like to see what I can do in the world of web design, have a look at my web design company.

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